Regeneration - Pat Barker

Pat Barker

1992, 252 pp

Craiglockart War Hospital, Scotland, 1917: Army psychiatrist William Rivers is treating shell-shocked soldiers and officers to make them fit enough to return to the trenches in France. Through the eyes of Rivers the reader discovers about the horrors the men had to suffer during the Great War. All kinds of physical traumas are disclosed in the sessions. Every patient reacts differently on the atrocities they have experienced. One of them is Siegfried Sassoon, a published poet and an officer, who wrote a protest against the unnecessary prolongation of the war. In the hospital Sassoon meets with Wilfred Owen, a young poet. In a simple, yet powerful style Barker gives an impressive image of the consequences of war. Because ' fact and fiction are interwoven in this book ', the story comes across highly authentic.