A Coin for the Ferryman Megan Edwards

by Elise Prins-Kleuskens

I enjoyed myself immensely while reading A Coin for the Ferryman. While attending high school, I had my fair share of Latin and Greek. The Roman Empire and the start of Christianity had a prominent place during my time at university studying religion. A Coin for the Ferryman combines the historical figure of Julius Caesar with contemporary Las Vegas, crime and romance.

So, what is it about? Dr Andrew Danicek has managed to build some sort of time machine. At first to be able to precisely date an object by transferring said object from its original time into Danicek's present and back. And if such a thing is possible with objects, wouldn't it also be possible with animals? Or even human beings?

A team is formed for one very secret mission: transferring Julius Caesar only minutes away from death in 44 BC, to Danicek's team in 1999. Why? To study him of course, to learn from him. But will it all go according to plan? And what is young Cassandra's role in all this?

A Coin for the Ferryman is author Megan Edwards' incredible attempt to see how Julius Caesar would respond to our modern world. It had me laughing from time to time about all the sly things Caesar was doing, but all in all this book is quite serious. And when everything threatens to go wrong, Edwards fires up the story by adding some sensational pursuit and some overtly sweet romance.

I find it hard to review specific aspects of this book, because I do not wish to give away too much of the story while doing so. The characters and tale are fantastical, but also in a way very real. Just like Dr Faith Hopper in her fictional note at the back of the book says, 'readers are left to decide for themselves whether to believe it.' So, I'd suggest you pick up a copy of A Coin for the Ferryman and decide for yourself!