Middle England - Jonathan Coe

Jonathan Coe

Middle England
2018, 432 p.

In this State of the Nation novel we meet characters from Coe's earlier books The Rotters' Club and The Closed Circle. Working around main character Benjamin Trotter Coe presents the reader with a sometimes harsh, sometimes kind description of people from various classes during the period in which the British had to cope with the outcome of the referendum on leaving, or staying in the EU, causing deep rifts between all kinds of Britons, also between families. Nostalgic memories of what England once was and will never be again, along with downright racism, opportunism and ruthless politicians rushing forward to a break from Europe of which no one really understands the political and especially the economical impact. Coe is a sublime creator of "Brex-Lit". While exposing the various bewildering situations around Brexit and people's feelings and reactions he maintains a benign attitude towards the "Middle Englanders".