Miss Jane - Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson

Miss Jane
2016, 279 pages

The story begins with the birth of Jane Chisolm in rural Mississippi in 1915. It is immediately clear that she has a rare genital deformity that will have an enormous impact on her entire life as it is doubtful whether she will ever be able to become a proper wife and mother. There is very little love left between her harsh mother, who is still grieving for the death of her favourite son, and her father, who drowns his sorrows in his home-brewed whiskey. Nevertheless, Jane is happy roaming the woods and the fields surrounding their farm. Fortunately she has a true friend and confidante in Dr Thompson who takes a personal and professional interest in her and admires her for the way she handles whatever life throws at her.

What is admirable about ‘Miss Jane’ is that the author, who based his main character on his great aunt, has managed to describe a life full of challenges without becoming overly sentimental.