Girl Meets Boy - Ali Smith

Ali Smith

Girl Meets Boy
2007, 161 pages

This novella tells the story of two sisters, Anthea and Imogen, living in Inverness. Anthea dislikes her job at a local PR firm. Imogen (‘Midge’) is pursuing her ambitions at the same firm, which is trying to market bottled water. The story kicks off when a protester, known by the alias ‘Iphis07’, vandalises the firm’s property. Anthea falls in love with the boyish girl Robin (the protester) and has to figure out what she wants from life. Imogen, on the other hand, learns about the dark side of global business. In this way, both sisters have to cope with big changes in their lives.

‘Girl Meets Boy’ is a retelling of Ovid's story of Iphis and Ianthe, which deals with the idea of gender fluidity. Ali Smith manages to weave the ancient myth through with modern Scottish stories and current political issues. Her writing is gentle, poetic and humorous. A very special read!