The Most Dangerous Place on Earth - Lindsey Lee Johnson

Lindsey Lee Johnson

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth
2017, 268 pages, US

In The Most Dangerous Place on Earth we get to know a group of high school students in Mill Valley, California. Their rich parents are so wrapped up in their own lives that they haven’t got a clue what their children are up to. Abigail has an affair with one of her teachers. Dave knows his parents want him to go to Berkeley, but also realises he won’t be able to achieve the necessary SAT score on his own. Nick is good at making money, whether he is selling lunches, papers on the internet or pills. Although everyone admires the beautiful Elisabeth, she doesn’t have any real friends. And then there’s Molly Nicoll, who recently graduated and has become their new English teacher, and really wants to connect with her students. This novel makes gripping reading and shows us the enormous influence that social media have on the lives of adolescents.