Exit West - Moshin Hamid

Moshin Hamid

Exit West
2017, 240 pages

This is a novel about refugees and migration. The protagonists of the book, Nadia and Saeed, become lovers. They are living in a besieged, unnamed city in the East. The horrors of the civil war are described vividly. As the situation deteriorates and becomes unbearable, they are forced to flee through 'magical doors', which transport individuals from one country to another. First they reach a refugee camp on the island of Mykonos. Then they move to London in an upscale mansion that has been taken over by other refugees. Finally they live in a shanty town in Marin, California. They are migrants among many other migrants, all trying to build a new life in those different places. This is a fascinating book about what's happening in the world right now, with migration, refugee crises and globalisation.