The Good Liar - Nicholas Searle

Nicholas Searle

The Good Liar
2016, 360 pages

Roy Courtnay is in his eighties and cons people for a living. For his final grand scam he has his eye on Betty, a wealthy widow whom he met through an online dating site. Flashbacks show us the stunts Roy has had to pull in the past in order to save his own skin, but this time things end very differently from what he - and the reader - expects. It turns out that Betty is not the dithering scatterbrain that she seems and that she has her own reasons for getting involved with this swindler.

Nicholas Searle’s debut novel keeps you engaged right to the end. It is also very refreshing to read about two elderly people who, contrary to what might be expected, are not taking things easy, but who are instead fighting to achieve what they set out to do.