The Girls - Emma Cline

Emma Cline

The Girls
2016, 355 pages

Evie Boyd is a typical fourteen-year-old girl: she is insecure about her looks, does not know how to behave around boys and is embarrassed by her mother’s behaviour after her parents’ divorce. One day she meets Suzanne, who is a few years older and lives on a ranch in a kind of commune led by the charismatic Russell. Evie finally feels she has found a place where she belongs and where she is accepted for what she is. As she is drawn in, however, Evie starts to lose touch with the real world and does things she had never previously dreamt of doing.

Because the story is told from Evie’s perspective, Emma Cline very cleverly succeeds in making us understand how an ordinary girl can get mixed up in something that is so obviously going to end badly.