The Wolf Border - Sara Hall

Sara Hall

The Wolf Border
2015, 432 pages

Rachel Caine, the fiercely independent main character, has been working as a wolf expert in Idaho, USA, for ten years, when she is offered a highly prestigious job on the estate of the immensely rich Earl of Annerdale. The latter wants to reintroduce the wolf on his vast estate in Cumbria, in the North of England, where Rachel was born. After first rejecting his offer, she accepts when she finds out she is pregnant. As the wolf project gets under way, she re-establishes contact with her brother, comes to terms with her troubled childhood and finds herself capable of forging ties with the people around her.

The beautiful Lake District, where the wolves are set free, is expertly evoked. Rachel’s development from a solitary, emotionally starved woman into a loving and beloved member of the local community is an exciting read.